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Debera: one of the major characters in Red Star Rising/Dragonseye. Rider of green Morath, stationed at Telgar Weyr, daughter of Lavel and Milla, stepdaughter of Gisa. Nicknamed Deb or Deb'ra. Debera became the lover of the Artist Iantine (another major character in RSR/DE). She had a most womanly body, a fine complexion, long and curling bronze-colored hair and green eyes [RSR/3:103-104]. According to Master Trader Jol Liliencamp she looked much like her mother [RSR/8:213]. Debera originated from Balan Hold and had three half sisters, with which she shared a room, and several full brothers [RSR/4:109]. She loved horsebackriding [RSR/4:111]. She had been lonely and lacking in love ever since her mother had died and her oldest full brother had left the family Hold. Impressing Morath remedied this situation [RSR/5:129]. Debera Impresses Morath at the Telgar Weyr Hatching of autumn 257. Her father objected on the grounds that a union was already arranged for her (with Ganmar). He had even planned to keep her at home, even though Debera was Searched and he had received a letter inviting her to attend the Hatching as a candidate. Though she had the right to come he never even showed her the letter. He tried to prevent Impression physically and was wounded by Morath [RSR/3:92-93].

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