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Les Edwards

I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in New York City. I am the Father of 4 and Grandfather of 6.

Though I have always had the ability (?) to draw, I have always worked for a living. I have never thought of a career or for that matter making a job from my artistic abilities.

I am basically, self-taught, only a few years of formal art training, some 20 years ago, and then I quit.

I started drawing again, about 7 years ago, for amusement. It was also at this time, I was struggling with a 'benign tremor' in my drawing hand, after a few years of trying to draw with a shaky hand, and I switched. The drawing was actually easier, better; some of
my earlier drawings were started left and finished right.

I have had enthusiasm for fantasy artwork, ever since I bought my first Frank Frazetta book; (I have them all). I was, for a time, intimidated by what I viewed on those pages. The beauty of fantasy allows a freedom that no other type of artwork can; just make
the image weird, dark, violent, lusty, whatever, total freedom of ones' imagination. No other type of work held my interest and eventually, the drawings started. I have just kept plugging and the work is progressing.

Sometimes images come creeping in, in the dark of night and they stay with me until I sketch them out. Others develop from doodling in the sketchbook ; some are combinations of 2 or more sketches whatever works. I put something down on paper everyday. I know where I want to go with my work, the direction I want to follow... you'll just have to stick around, if you like and see what comes up.

I freely admit to not being a 'establish' artist, but it sure is cool to see my name in among the true 'Giants' in the field of Fantasy Artwork throughout the Internet.

I now live near Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, with my wife Shirley and 2 Irish Setters, Bearen and Scarlett.


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