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Марка - денежная единица Перна.

It is, however, worth substantially more than the American dollar; 1/16 of a mark will buy a loaf of bread, so you can think of a Mark as being about $16-$20. Prices for most daily items are well under a Mark.

Марка представляет собой деревянный диск с нанесенным на него знаком Холда или Цеха.

Существуют деньги следующего достоинства: 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 5, 10, 100 Марки.

Generally, people have few marks, 20 being a small fortune. Так, очень маловероятно, что кто-нибудь крове Лорда/Леди Холда, Главного Мастера и Предодителей Вейра могут иметь каждый около 100 марок.  As such, it is very unlikely that anyone other than a Lord Holder, Holder, Craftmaster, or Weyrwoman/Weyrleader would ever have a 100-Mark piece since they are quite rare.

Цены и информация получены из 'The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern'

Стоимость, маркиЧто можно купить
1/32Шесть пончиков
1/161 small (1-pound) loaf of bread
1/4A fowl
1/2A bottle of unremarkable wine
A sack of nuts in the shell
A sack of Crom coal
1A plain leather belt with bronze buckle
A sack of fine-milled pastry flour
A plain shirt
A child's frock
A small knife
One young ovine
A keg of ale
A pair of moccasins
A hand-sized hardwood box with hinges and hasp
An apprentice-made musical pipe
A whetstone
A graduated-bead necklace of agate or quartz
A jade bangle bracelet
1/8 of a bovine heartbeats
2A sack of sweetening
An ornamental belt
10Скакун  (9 и более марок)
Other costs:
Used runnerbeast riding tack - 3 marks
New runnerbeast riding tack, decorated for a Lord Holder - 12 marks or more
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