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last modified 10.10.2008

Всадники Перна. Материалы

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Эврил Битра [Avril Bitra]

colonist and contractor. Avril was the Pern colonist expedition's only qualified and fully experienced astrogator and in that function member of the crew of the Yokohama. She was also one of the ship's twelve shuttle pilots. During the journey from Earth to Pern she had a short lived relationship with Admiral Paul Benden, one of the expedition's leaders, who later married Ju Adjai. Avril was a descendant (grandchild seven times removed) of the nav scout and biologist Shavva bint Faround, a member of the original EEC crew that checked out Pern. From her Avril inherited the famous Shavva bint Faroud ruby that her ancestress took from Pern and which stayed in the family all those decades, to remind its members that there were treasures to be found on Pern.

After the end of her brief relationship with Benden, Avril automatically turned to other persons who, contrary to Benden, had characters to match hers although she took great care to always have the upper hand which wasn't too difficult for this highly intelligent woman with the unfortunately warped mind. Thus she came into contact with Bart Lemos, Nabhi Nabol and especially Stev Kimmer, a miner and mechanical engineer from England, who became her accomplice but, like so many others, was fooled by her. Avril, who also owned a copy of the original EEC report, had a plan to gather a great wealth in gemstones on Pern, like rubies and black diamonds (which she indeed did on Bitkim Island) with the help of any men and women she could get, dump or kill her helpers and escape the planet using the Mariposa, the Admiral's gig. She would fly to the Yokohama, get the last of the fuel in that ship into the Admiral's gig, fly out of the system setting a course to the nearest spaceship transport lane, get herself into deepsleep and just wait until her set distress signal was picked up by a space freighter. It nearly worked but for Sallah Telgar, who had never liked Avril and actually always distrusted her, and the Pern colony leaders who had their own suspicions. Certain key parts of the Mariposa were changed to make sure it couldn't be used for the wrong purpose. When Sallah saw Avril, on the day she was planning to leave Pern, she followed her and discovered that Avril had clubbed Zi Ongola and was stealing the Mariposa. Sallah was able to board the Admiral's gig but while doing so was severly wounded. Avril discovered Sallah and forced her to reprogram and get the gig to the Yokohama to get the remaining fuel on board. Sallah was left in the Yokohama with only a little bit of oxygen (and died there as one of Pern's heroes) while Avril took of, thinking her plan had succeded. However, Sallah had not corrected all of the safety precautions and when Avril thought to set a course to the nearest shippng lane, the Mariposa set of for a course right into the Red Star. Thus ended the life of a beautiful but cold, greedy and heartless woman in the year 8 AL.

One of the main questions that many Pern readers often have is why characters like Bart Lemos, Nabhi Nabol and especially Avril Bitra had later named major Holds named after them. Unfotunately, in none of these cases we have a clear reasons.

Портрет Аврил Битра, приведенный здесь, был вторым в Портретной галерее Перна, сделанной специально для Энциклопедии Перна американским художником и фаном Перна Линдой Эикэр. По просьбе хозяина сайта pern.nl ссылки пока нет ведет на его сайт, к большему рисунку.

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