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Jamson of High Reaches, Lord: Lord of High Reaches Hold at the start of the Second Pass, husband of Thea. Child by Thea: Gallian (oldest son), there were thirteen other children (among them at least one girl) which number substantially increased the borders of the Hold when the children were old enough to claim their land grants [RSR/1:44, 11:261]. Lord Jamson refused to go along with the impeachment of Lord Chalkin because of his strong belief in the autonomy of the Holds. He was known to be (very) conservative [RSR/9:220]. His son Gallian was of the opinion that his father's memory was slipping a bit. According to Lord Paulin of Fort Hold Jamson was getting old as well as odd. Lord Paulin was visited by Gallian and his mother Lady Thea already in 256 after they noticed that their father and husband was having spates of memory loss [RSR/10:251, 253]. Lord Jamson was ill of a respiratory fever at the end of the Winter of 257, at the time of the famous Bitran exodus trials at Telgar and Benden Weyr and which he could not attend [RSR/11:261]. His wife Thea and oldest son Gallian disagreed with his view on the impeachment of Lord Chalkin of Bitra, of which Lord Jamson was the only opponent. They, helped by Lord Paulin of Fort, plotted against him, in a mild sense of the word, and planned to send him to Ista or Nerat (to recuperate) on the count of his respiratory illness (he also had constant chest infections) in which case he had to authorize his heir Gallian to deal with all Hold matters (at that time Gallian was already authorized to deal with a part of the Hold matters) [RSR/11:284]. Gallian was Jamson's oldest son and heir, he repeatedly referred to the younger sons as "stupid", the nephews also did not have a chance at the succession [RSR/11:285]. After Lord Jamson spent two months at Ista, Lord Paulin of Fort took him along to Bitra Hold early in Turn 258. At the time Jamson was still furious that his son had voted for him in the Lord Chalkin impeachment case [RSR/16:384-392].


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