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Всадники Перна. Материалы

Биология -> All The Plants of Pern

Brief table of contents

Oak || Oats || Oilbrush || Onion || Orange fruit, Citron?
Palm || Parsnips || Pawberry || Peach || Peanuts || Pears || Pecan || Peppers || Peppermint || Pine || Pink Root || Pineapple || Plumb || PurpleGrass

<< Oak (I,H)Growth form: Tree
Outside Info: There are several varieties of oak, and may have different medicinal uses. The English Oak's bark is astringent and antiseptic, and a decoction of the bark is drunk to treat acute diarrhea, gargled for sore throats, and applied as a compress for burns and cuts. It is added to ointments for cuts and lemuroids. Acorns are fed to pigs. Oak bark provides tannin- since leather tanners seemed immune to terberculosis, the bark was once used to treat the disease. Oak galls are the primary ingredient in ink.
<< OatsGrowth form: Terran Oats
Known location: Bitra
<<OilbrushKnown location: Igen
Uses: used for cooking fires. In Igen, pockets of bread were cooked on metal sheets over an oilbrush fire.
<<Onion (I) Form: Earth onion
Known locations: (H)wild near Fort hold, wild in Lemos/Igen forrest.
Outside Info: Red onion skins with moderant of copper and acetic acid create a rich brown dye.
<<Orange fruit, Citron?(Oranges?, Oranges were imported, and flourished)
Growth form: tree
Known location: Southern hold/Weyr, Cove hold, Ista
Misc.: the trees are thorny.
Outside Info: Orange flower water is an excellent skin tonic. Orange flower treats dry skin and broken capillaries, and stimulates cell replacement.
<<PalmKnown location: Ista
Uses: has an edible heart. 'crispy, cool, and crunchy' (Moreta)
<<Parsnips (I)Growth form: Terran parsnip
Known location: Fort hold
Uses: edible
<<PawberryKnown location: Bitra hold
Uses: leaves boil to make the finest red for paints.
<< PeachGrowth form: tree
Known location: Boll
Uses: fruit
Outside Info: Seed oil is used in cosmetics and medicines. The tree has solitary, pink spring flowers.
<<Peanuts (I) Growth form: Terran peanut
Known locations: Fort hold
Uses: edible, used in several dishes
Outside Info: Used as a cooking oil, some people are allergic to peanuts.
<<Pears (I,H)Growth form: tree
Known location: High Reaches hold, Nerat
Uses: fruit, made into brandy
<<PecanGrowth form: tree
Known location: Nerat
Uses: edible nut
<<PeppersKnown location: Ista
Uses: edible
Outside Info:
It is probable that Pern has several varieties of peppers, from bell to chili to hot, all of which have different culinary and medicinal uses. They usually have yellow or green flowers. The pungent capsaicin of chilis stimulates circulation and sensory nerves, and eases sore throats. Infused chili oil gives a warming massage for rheumatism, cold limbs, and neuralgia.
<<Peppermint Growth form: Terran peppermint
Uses: In 'sweet sticks' (hard candy).
Outside Info: Flav, ors sauces, vinegar, vegetables, desserts, used in teas, and candies. Peppermint oil has a mild antiseptic action. Mints are stimulant, aid digestion, reduce flatulence. Peppermint is antiseptic, antiparasitic, and antiviral. Peppermint is included in ointments and cold remedies and given for headaches and other aches and pains. The scent of the essential oil is inhaled to treat shock and nausea and improves concentration. The essential oil is also used for fatigue, digestion, travel sickness, headaches, toothache, and skin irratations.
<<PineGrowth form: tree
Known locations: Nabol, Lemos
Misc.: grow quickly
<<Pink RootKnown location: Southern(?)
Uses: medicinal, for bellyache.
<< Pineapple (I)Known location: Igen
Uses: fruit
Misc.: genetically altered form of pineapple
Outside Info: New shoots are added to curries. Waste is made into vinegar or fed to livestock. Fruit helps menstrual, urinary, and digestive problems. Plant enzymes reduce swelling, intensify antibiotics, and break down the fibrin protein that causes heart attacks and strokes.
<<Plumb (I,H) Growth form: tree
Uses: fruit
Outside Info: Eaten fresh, dried, or as a jam. The tree has white 5 petaled spring flowers. Dried plumbs are given for their laxative effect.
<< PurpleGrass (I,H)Known Location: Half-Circle Sea hold
Growth form: grass
Uses: Purple Grass seed was used by Menolly's sister to flavor seaweed balls to keep Old Uncle quiet.
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