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Всадники Перна. Материалы

Биология -> All The Plants of Pern

Brief table of contents

 Walnut || Water lilies || Watermellon || Wedgenuts || Wheat || White bulb || White roots || White thorn || Willow || Wintergreen || Witch hazel || Withies || Woodruff
 Yarrow || Yellow fruit || Yellow-veined grass

<<WalnutGrowth form: tree
Known location: Benden hold
Uses: edible nut
Outside Info: Grows up to 30m. In China, nuts were used to treat wheezing, back and leg pains, and constipation. Walnut oil is used in soapmaking, and as a cooking oil. The bark, leavs, and husks yield a brown dye. Crushed leaves treat skin eruptions.
<< Water lilies (N)Growth form: float on surface of water, triangular shaped leaves, the flowers have white petals. Edible roots have a triangular cross-section.
Known locations: bowl lake of bended Weyr
: roots are edible
<< Watermellon
Known location: Southern hold
Fruit: pink-fleshed interior, with a green rind.
Uses: edible fruit
<< Wedgenuts (Brazil nuts)Known location: Nerat, Boll
Uses: edible nut
<< Wheat (I)Growth form: Earth wheat
Known locations: Ruatha
Outside Info: Wheat is used used instead of barley in some beers. These tend to be heavier in alcohol content than your average ale. Wheat brews are considered summer brews, and is drunk mainly in the warmer weather. In the warmer parts of Pern, this might be made nearly year-round.
<< White bulb Uses: medicinal, febrifuge
<< White rootsKnown location: Landing
Uses: edible
<< White thornUses: medicinal herb, anodyne, used to relieve heart palpitations.
<< Willow (I,H)Growth form: tree
Known location: Nabol
General habitat: wet riverbanks
Uses: willow herb (same plant?) as a tea to keep arthritis under control. Used in combination with sage and wintergreen as a tea for headaches. Willowsalic used for headache, taken in crystal-like form.
Outside Info: Grows to 25m. stem bark is a painkiller, fever reducer, and as a source of salicylic acid for aspirin. Various bark extracts used as a sore throat gargle, to treat heartburn, stomach problems, food poisoning, relieve arthritic pain, and to remove corns. Infused leaves make a tea for nervous insomnia, and added to baths to ease rheumatism. Willows provide the best quality artist's charcoal, branches are used for weaving.
<<Wintergreen Uses: used in combination with sage and willow as a headache tea.
Outside Info: Grows to 15cm, flowers in summer. Wintergreen oil is used to flavor candy and toothpaste. The oil contains methyl salicylate, related to aspirin. Oil is easily absorbed through skin, is astringent, diuretic, and a stimulant. Used externally for muscle aches, especially in foot balms and treatments for rheumatism. In the Inuit of Labrador, the leaves are brewed for a tes to treat paralysis, headaches, aching muscles, and sore throats. The oil can irritate the skin, and must be used only under close medical supervision if it is to be taken internally. Wintergreen should be avoided or used with caution when pregnant.
<<Witch hazel Uses: medicinal herb, used for burns.
Outside Info: A shrub with fragrant winter flowers that grows to 5m. A distillation from leaves and flower-bearing twigs is included in skin products for its disinfectant and astringent properties, Used on chapped skin, bruisesm swelling, rashes, to help stop bleeding, reduce hemorrhoids, and varicose veins. Seeds are edible, and the leaves can be brewed for a warming tea.
<< WithiesGrowth form: water plant resembling Earth-like reeds
Known locations: Ruatha (Plateau hold)
General habitat: near rivers
Uses: made into baskets
<< WoodruffUses: herb used to spice wine
Outside Info: Sweet woodruff grows to 45cm. Small clusters of brilliant white flowers in late spring. The leaf tea is a diuretic liver tonic and gentile sedative for children and the elderly. Bruised fresh leaves are an anti-contestant for wounds. Dry leaves scent linen. The rhyzomes yild a red dye.
<< YarrowUses: medicinal, for acne
Outside Info: Grows to 1m, dense flat white or pink flower heads from summer to fall. The peppery leaf is finely chopped into salads. Flowering tops are a digestive and cleaning tonic a diuretic, and used to reduce high blood pressure. Fresh leaves arrest bleeding and are applied as a poultice to wounds or are placed on shaving cuts. Flowers threat eczema, catarrh from allergies. The flower essential oil treats colds, flu, and inflamed joints. Native Americans used root decoction to strengthen muscles. Avoid during pregnancy. Overdose can make skin sensitive to sunlight. Add 1 finely chopped fresh leaf to each wheelbarrow full to speed composting. Chew fresh leaves to aid toothache. The tea aids digestive problems, regulates menstrual flow, induces perspiration, cleanses the system, and as a cure for colds. Use as a mouthwash for inflamed gums.
<< Yellow fruit(lemon, pear, or apple? one 'yellow fruit' is mentioned as citrus, Dragonlovers)
Known locations: Southern, Ista (citrus fruit)
Uses: fruit
<< Yellow-veined grassGrowth form: grassoid
Known locations: near Half-Circle seahold
Uses: 'salad' greens
Misc.: available in early spring
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