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updated October 2000

Всадники Перна. Материалы

Биология -> All The Plants of Pern

Brief table of contents

 Sabsab Brush || Sage || Saponin root || Saw grass || Scrub pine || Seabeachplum || Sea bush || Seagrass || Seaplant || Seaweeds || Sequoi-like tree || Shallow-water sea grass || Shrub || Sisal || Sky-broom || Softwoods || Soybeans || Spearkeek || Spiceroot || Spongewood trees || sticklebush || straw || streamer || Sugar Beets || Sungazers || Swamp grass || Swedes || Sweet cane || Sweet grass || Sweetroot, sweet potatoes

<< Sabsab brushKnown location: Bitra hold
Uses: roots produce a yellow for paints.
<<SageUses: used in combination with wintergreen and willow for a headache tea
Outside Info: Evergreen, grows to 80cm. Has mauve-blue flowers in summer. There are many varieties of sage. Sage is used to aid in the digestion of fatty meats, and is popular in poultry stuffing's. Leaf tea is an antiseptic nerve and blood tonic. Contains hormone precursors that help irregular menstruation and menopause symptoms. Avoid large doses during pregnancy. Burn on embers or boil in water to disinfect a room. Sage smoke deodorizes animal and cooking smell. Rub fresh leaf on teeth to whiten them, or use in a mouthwash. Clary sage seed infused in water may be used to remove foreign matter from eyes painlessly. The leaf of sage helps combat diarrhea. The tea reduces sweating, sooths coughs and colds. Sage should not be taken in large doses over long periods.
<<Saponin rootUses: used for cleaning hair, and for sensitive skin
<<Saw grassKnown locations: Fort hold
Misc.: obnoxious weed
<<Scrub pine (I,H)Growth form: Tree
General habitat: 'higher reaches' (Dragonlovers guide)-hills/higher ground over the flat plains(?)
<<SeabeachplumGrowth form: Bush
Flowers: Pink blossoms
General habitat: low marsh valleys
Known location: beaches by Half-Circle Seahold.
Misc.: a few early sour plums available in spring
<<Sea bushGrowth form: bush
Known location: near Half-Circle seahold
Uses: produces an oily seed-pod in fall
<<Seagrass (stalks)General habitat: ocean beaches(?)
Known location: beaches by Half-Circle Seahold.
Misc.: aromatic
<<SeaplantKnown location: near Half-Circle seahold
Uses: used braided by Menolly to join sections of her multiple pipes
<<SeaweedsGrowth form: (assumed) earth-type seaweed
General habitat: near shore.
Known location(s): beaches by Half-Circle seahold.
Uses: Boiled for the thick juice in the stalk, which is used as a preventitive for many sicknesses and bone ailments. Also used to make balls of a sweet that can be chewed for hours, keeping mouth fresh and moist. Purple grass seed (unknown whether grass or seed is 'purple') used to flavor the balls. Leaves can be wrapped around meat to allow it to slow-cook.
<<Sequoi-like tree (N)Growth form: similar to Terran sequoias. Several triangular stems fuse together.
Known locations: Southern
Misc.: inimical to fire, tend to rot in center, to form shells of trees
<<Shallow-water sea grassGrowth form: 1 type clings to sandy bottom, 1 type clings to rock
Known location: near Half-Circle seahold
<<ShrubGrowth form: shrub
Known location: Southern Continent 2nd pass
Uses: gives off rich pungent odor when bruised
<<Sisal (N)Known location: Fort hold, Ista, Boll
Uses: spun into thread
<<Sky-broom (N)Growth form: several dragonlengths tall. '' The tall trunks terminate in bushy crowns of tuffed needles, much like the growth on Earth cedars. The wood is dense and metal-hard, covered with a rough mat-like material protection from threadfall.''(DragonLovers) ''Root systems that radiated in a great circle around the trunk to support the soaring limbs and tufted heights.'' (Renegades). Twined trunks, short tufts of spiny leavs. The crowns have coarse, short leavs. The tops are flat.
Known locations: Lemos. Skybroon trees begin at the northern Lemos end of the Keroon Plains.
Uses: construction
Misc.: the wood is difficult to work, but highly prized in the WoodcraftHall. Used for some harps, possibly other instruments. Highest quality of material for a painter's 'canvas' in the 2nd Pass.
<<SoftwoodsGrowth form: Tree
Known location: Lemos
Uses: used to make furniture
<<Soybeans (I)Growth form: Terran soybean
Known locations: Fort hold
Uses: edible, used in several dishes.
Outside Info: Grows to 2m. White or violet flowers, hairy seed pods. Foliage is good stock food and fertilizer. It helps prevent heart disease and is valuable for diabetics since their sugars remain unabsorbed. Beans are made into soy sauce, tofu, soy 'milk', are sprouted for their shoots. Soya is ground into flour. The beans yield cooking oil, and lubricant. The plant stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies, lowers fevers and treats food poisoning.
<<SpearkeekGrowth form: white bulb
Uses: edible medicinal, febrifuge. Used by Moreta as a hopeful preventitive for the plague.
<<SpicerootGrowth form: Tuber(?)
<< Spongewood treesKnown location: south continent, Lemos
Misc.: grow quickly
<<sticklebush (N)Growth form: bush, grows in patches
Known location: by trace to Fort hold
Uses: Berries are used for preserves
Misc.: Dried leaves and twigs have bitter, acrid, drying taste. In early spring there are no leaves to hide the hairlike, nearly invisible thorns that cover twig and branch. Sap rises in early spring, and it is the worst time to get caught in the bush. stickle slivers can work their way through flesh into the blood. If a sliver reaches your heart, you could die from it. Most slivers can be pulled out by hand or tweezer, but some need poulticing to draw out the sliver.
<<strawKnown locations: near benden weyr(?), Igen, Ruatha
Uses: bedding, in Igen used as insulation for straw-padded boxes containing pitchers of cold drinks.
<<streamerKnown location: Southern, Cove hold
Uses: fronds woven into matting
<<Sugar Beets (I)Growth form: Terran sugarbeet
Known locations: Fort hold, several northern holds
Uses: used for sweetening
<< Sungazers (N,H)Form: small plant, grows mostly underground
Flowers: similar to Earth's strawflower or windflower
<<Swamp grassGrowth form: broad, saw-edge blades.
Known location: Southern Weyr
<<SwedesKnown locations: Fort hold
Uses: edible
<<Sweet cane (I)Growth form: Terran sweet cane
Known locations: Nerat, Boll, Ista
Uses: made into sweetening
Outside Info: Grows up to 6m. Clump-forming rhizomes, perennial grass. The peeled cane is added to Thai fish stews. Cane juice yields brown and white sugars. Byproducts are made into molasses, syrup, and rum. Cane sugar sweetend, flavors and preserves foods by inhibiting microorganisims. Cane juice soothes symptoms of asthma and is given as an expectorant. In Asia, it is applied to wounds and boils. The root is a diuretic. stem residue can be made into a wax for polish.
<< Sweet grassUses: Runner fodder
<< Sweetroot, sweet potatoe


Known locations: northern farms under Benden Weyr
Uses: can be eaten uncooked. Used to relieve/sweat out fever (febrifuge) and for headache(?).
Misc.: taken in crystal-like form.
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