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Всадники Перна. Материалы

Биология -> All The Plants of Pern

Brief table of contents

Celery || Cherries || Citron || Comfrey || Conifers || Coriander || Corn || Cotton || Cottonwood tree || Creeper vine || Cress || Cucumber
Deal || Dragon's tongue
Ezob || Featherfern || Fellis Tree || Ferns || Fingeroots || Flax

<< CeleryKnown location: Nabol
<<Cherries (I,H)Growth form: Earth cherry
<<Citron Growth form: Large shrub or small tree
Uses: fruit (contains vitamin C). Used by Moreta as a hopeful preventative.
Outside Info: Info on Citron can be found at http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/morton/citron.html
<< Comfrey (H) Known location: Fort hold
Uses: medicinal herb, used for burns, coughs
Outside Info: Likes damp grasslands, river banks and woodlands. Oval, pointed leaf is marbled with green and yellow. Flowers range from blue to pink to white, and bloom in spring. The plants grow to 120cm. The leaf contains vitamins and minerals that speeds cell renewal of damaged muscles and broken bones. The leaf tea aids inflamed, ulcerated digestive tracts and eases coughs. Leaf poultice reduces swelling and bruising around sprains and arthritic joints. Comfrey speeds healing of cuts, bruises, open sores, and eczema. Internal use of roots and large amounts of leaves should be avoided. The leaf and root can be infused and added to a bath or lotion to soften skin. To make an 'oil' for eczema and skin inflammations, cut clean, dry leaves into 1'' squares, put in clean, dark jar, and store unopened for 2 years. Decant into small container.
<<ConifersKnown locations: Tillek, High Reaches
<<Coriander (I,H) Growth form: herb
Uses: medicinal and/or cooking herb
Outside Info: Grows to 20cm, flowers in summer. leaves are used in Mid Eastern and Asian cuisine. Its mildly narcotic seeds are used in pickles, cakes, biscuits, pies, curries, and liquors. The root is added to curries and the stem to beans and soups. It is a wine flavoring used by the Greeks. The seed is mildly sedative, aids digestion, reduces flatulence and eases migraines. The essential oil is made from the seeds, and is used in perfumes. It flavors medicine and toothpaste and is added to massage oil for facial neuralgia and cramps.
<<Corn (I)Growth form: Earth corn
Known locations: Paradise River hold
Outside Info: Corn can be made into vegetable oil and cornstarch. Cornstarch is used in cosmetics, laundry starch, and as a base for suppositories. Corn silk is a stimulant, diuretic, and is soothing, treats liver weakness and hypertension. A silk and bract poultice draws puss from wounds. Empty cob treats bleeding, roots and leaves treat urinary difficulties.
<< Cotton (I) Growth form: Terran cotton
Known location: Fort hold, Boll, Southern
General habitat: sand + clay soil
Uses: made into thread, cotton velvet material, other materials
Outside Info: Seeds are pressed for edible oil, residual oil is used for stock food. Gossypol, extracted from seed oil, has potential as a male contraceptive. Oil is antiviral, antibacterial, and eases menstrual pain. Seed hairs are woven into fabric.
<<Cottonwood tree (I,H?) Growth form: Earth cottonwood tree
General habitat: open plains
Uses: Used by the colonists to break ground and provide shelter for oak and pine seedlings.
Outside Info: Cottonwood is a very weak-wooded tree, and branches may come down in heavy storms.
<<Creeper vine Growth form: clinging vine
General habitat: grows from borders of grain field
Misc.: strangles crops. (wheat)
<<CressKnown location: general area of Half-Circle seahold
General habitat: streams by ocean where water freshens
Uses: edible, sweet with a tangy aftertaste.
Outside Info: Most likely the type of cress mentioned in Dragonsinger is watercress. It has small white flowers in spring and summer, pungent compound leaves, with large terminal leaflet. Popular in salads and soups. It is diuretic, an expectorant tonic for anemia, prevents scurvy, cleanses the blood, and clears the skin. It is a folk treatment for tuberculosis and internal tumors.
<<Cucumber Uses: used for burns
Outside Info: Fresh slices give a cooling eye compress. The pressed seed oil is edible. Pulped flesh is added to facial masks and sooths sunburn. leaves treat fever and intestinal flu. Fruit is eaten raw, pickled, or cooked.
<< DealGrowth form: tree
Known location: Lemos
Misc.: grows quickly.
<< Dragon's tongue (N)Growth form: similar to Aloe
Uses: for burns
<< Ezob (H)Known location: near Fort hold
Uses: medicinal herb, diaphoretic. Used for coughs.
<< Featherfern Growth form: Fern(?)
Known location: Fort hold, Southern
Uses: to relieve fever, used in tonic. Also used on runners.

Click for a larger pictureFeatherfern: a herb native to Pern. A febrifuge, mentioned in Moreta, Dragonlady of Pern, it's never described, but numerous Earth plants have fever-reducing qualities, though none are ferns. It is used in a tonic, on humans as well as on runnerbeasts. This may be a misspelling of one of the common names of the Terran Chrysanthemum parthenium: feverfew. Known locations for featherfern are Fort Hold and Southern.

[submitted by Jennifer Quail]. 


<<Fellis Tree (N) Growth form: small, branchy, drooping tree.
Flowers: fragrant, pink (DragonQuest) yellow (Dragonlovers Guide) clustered blooms with pointed petals. Has clusters of berry-like fruit.
Fruit: Fellis juice made from the fruit, which has though skins.
Known locations: Southern Weyr area, nerat, Telgar hold, Fort hold, Paradise River hold (wild), Ruatha
Uses: dye (dyes wherhide a deep green), narcotic painkiller that can be addictive. Wood is used to carve furniture.
Misc.: At Paradise river, Fellis trunks grow larger than 3 men could span with fingers touching. Large enough amounts can be lethal. (Nerkila)
<<FernsGrowth form: Fern
Known location: Southern Weyr
General habitat: tropical regions
Uses: improvised bedding
<< Fingeroots (carrots)Known locations: Fort hold, Nabol
Uses: edible
<< Flax (I)Growth form: Earth flax
Known location: Boll
Uses: fiber for weaving
Outside Info: stem yields durable fibers, used to make linen and twine. It has slender stems with linear green leavs, flat blue flowers, and oily brown seeds. The mineral-rich seeds yield cold-pressed oil for cooking and hot pressed linseed oil for artist's and industrial use. Seeds contain soothing mucilage, oil contains fatty acids that reduces the risk of thrombosis and treats nutritional deficiencies. Internal overdose may cause poisoning. The seeds can also be used in 'eye pillows' to gently cool tired or sore eyes.
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