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updated October 2000

Всадники Перна. Материалы

Биология -> All The Plants of Pern

Brief table of contents

Lavender || Legumes || Lemongrass || Lentils || Lovage || Lur-weed
Mandamo trees || Mangoes || Marshberries || Marsh grasses || Meadowsweet || Melons || Mint || Mockweed || Moonflower || Mosstea || Mustard
Needlethorn || Nettleweed || Numbweed || Nutmegoid

<< LavenderKnown location: Nabol
Outside Info: Flowers flavor jams, vinegars, sweets, creams, stews. Dried flowers are used in potpourri. Leaf is bitter and sometimes used in cooking. Flower water is a skin toner useful for cell renewal and is an antiseptic for acne. Flower tea treats anxiety, headaches, flatulence, nausea, dizziness, and halitosis. The essential oil is used in perfumes and is antiseptic, mildly sedative, and painkilling. The oil is applied to insect bites, treats burns, sore throats, and headaches. Oil is added to baths as a relaxant. Treats rheumatic aches, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, lymphatic congestion, poor digestion, and menstrual problems. Use the essential oil in a massage oil for muscle aches. Use a few drops of oil in final rinse water for linen or hair. Because of it's versatility, lavender essential oil is probably stocked in all holds, and is likely to be part of trader's wares.
<< Legumes (I)Growth form: Earth legumes(?)
Known location: Fort hold, Ruatha
Uses: edible, added to savory dishes to thicken them up
<<Lemongrass Known locations: Benden Weyr bowl
Uses: edible
Outside Info: The stem and leaf have a distinct lemon flavor. Leaf tea treats diarrhea, stomach-ache, headache, fevers, flu, and is antiseptic. The essential oil is used in cosmetics, food, and aromatherapy to improve circulation and muscle tone. Antiseptic oil treats athlete's foot and acne, a spray reduces airborne bacteria.
<< Lentils (I,H) 
<< Lovage (I,H)Growth form: herb
Uses: medicinal herb used for coughs
Outside Info: Grows to 2m. It has large, dark green celery-scented leaves and hollow stems. Queen-Anne's lace type greenish yellow flowers bloom mid to late summer. leaves give body and aroma to soups and stews. The root is grated raw into salads, is pickled, or used as a powdered condiment. Seeds are sprinkled on bread or rice, salads, mashed potatoes, or steeped in brandy for a settling digestive, and used in perfumes. An infusion of seeds, roots, or leaves reduces water retention and assists the elimination of toxins. The expectorant root treats mouth ulcers, tonsillitis, bronchitis, cystitis, and menstrual pain. It should be avoided during pregnancy and by those with kidney problems. Tea can be made from leaf. stem can be steamed and served with a white sauce, or chopped into sopus or stews.
<< Lur-weedGrowth form: weed
Known location: Tillek
Misc. Info Sends runnerbeasts (and possibly other animals) into convulsions. Typically, runnerbeasts don't eat lur-weed.
<< Mandamo treesGrowth form: tree
Known location: Southern hold
Uses: a segment of the trunk was used for message drums in Southern.
Misc.: gracefully draped across a path in Southern.
<<MangoesKnown location: Boll
Outside Info: Fast growing tree, grows up to 30m. 1-2 crops a year of large, musk- scented fruit. Fruit can be eaten raw, candied, or pickled. Unripe fruit and tender leaves are used as sour flavorings. In India, bark is used to treat internal bleeding, dysentery, and throat diseases. Leaf ash is used for burns. A secret recipe for artist's paint used the urine of cows fed on mango leavs. Unripe fruit, peel, seeds, flowers and resin have medicinal uses.
<<MarshberriesForm: Bush
Flower: yellow
General habitat: low marsh valleys
Known location: near Half-circle seahold
<<Marsh grasses Form: coarse grass, cane
Known location: Half-Circle seahold, by coast
General habitat: in bogs
Uses: canes can be made into reed pipes.
<< MeadowsweetGrowth form: herb, white and blue flowers
Uses: analgesic herb
Outside Info: Has clusters of almond-scented cream blossoms. Grows to 2m. Flowers give an almond flavor to meads, herb wines, jam, and stewed fruit. Dried flowers scent linen and yield an astringent skin tonic. Flower buds contain salicylic acid, and can be used similar to aspirin. Flower tea can be used for stomach ulcers and headaches, as an antiseptic diuretic, and for feverish colds, diarrhea, and heartburn. Tea is mildly painkilling. Anti-inflammatory action treats rheumatism. Flowering tops make a greenish yellow dye, leaves make a blue dye, the roots a black dye.
<<Melons Known locations: Igen, Ista, wild melons near Boll
<<Mint Known locations: Benden Weyr bowl
Uses: seasoning(?). Mint sticks rubbed over teeth as a toothbrush/mouthwash
Outside Info: There are dozens of varieties of mints, with different flavors and medicinal uses. All mints or mint products should be used sparingly or avoided completely during pregnancy.
<<Moonflower Growth form: vine
Fruit: orange-red fruit
Known locations: Southern, Nerat
<<MossteaGrowth form: herb
Uses: for drinking as a tea, dressing wounds against infection.
<<MustardKnown locations: Nabol
Outside Info
: There are many varieties of mustard, and each has different medicinal properties. Black mustard was once the most widely used to make the condiment known as mustard before being replaced with the more mechanical harvester friendly brown mustard. It is possible that one or both of these varieties exist on Pern. Black mustard seeds stimulate circulation, treat bronchitis, give a warming footbath, and in a poultice they reduce inflammation. Treats chilblains and rheumatism. Oil is a lubricant. In China, brown mustard seeds are used to treat colds, stomach problems, abscesses, rheumatism, lumbago, and ulcers. The leaves treat bladder inflammation. 1 tablespoon of crushed seed in warm water induces vomiting. Young leaves can be added to salad.
<<Needlethorn (N) Growth form: several cactus-like 'stalks' from a single base of broadleaf. (Dragonlovers shows 3 stalks, 3 leavs). A succulent bush with holliw, toxic brown spines. The skin of the plant has fine hairs that can cause irritation, possibly inflammation of skin it comes in contact with.
Known location: Ista, Nerat
Uses: needles used as syringe for injections and to draw blood.
Misc.: Needlethorn is omnivorous and shoots its thorns at anything that disturbs it during its growing season. It falls into a dormant stage when the flowers of the ging tree (ginkgo?) open. These plants are always found together. The spines are poisonous through spring and summer. ''The vine grows during the winter and has to shed its old corona or leave too many unprotected gaps. I understand the flesh is tasty.''''During the spring and summer the bush has an odor to attract snakes and insects. The hollow spines suck essential juices from the creature the plant impales, and also rainwater.''(Moreta) Needlethorns are also used for transfusions. (Masterharper)
<<Nettleweed Growth form: perennial.
Known location: Ruathan fields.
Uses: medicinal, used in a tonic
<<Numbweed (N) Growth form: bush. plaque, thorny greenery. The leafs are opposing, and arrowhead-shaped, with a terminating leaf at the end of the branch. The plant has a grey-green color. They sprout tufts of blossoms, similar to static.
Known location: Nerat, Southern
General habitat: jungle areas
Uses: 'raw' or made into a salve, it numbs skin to pain.
Misc.: too much numbweed will cause bleeding and scarring. To prepare the salve, it requires 3 days of stewing, then 1 day to strain it, and the juice skimmed to the right consistency for the salve (Southern). Runners carry an oiled packet that has a cloth soaked in numweed to cleanse and ease scratches.
<<Nutmegoid (I,H) Growth form: herb, from First-Centauri
Uses: cooking herb
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