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Всадники Перна. Материалы

Биология -> All The Plants of Pern

Brief table of contents

 Tansy || Tarragon || Teak-like hardwood tree, teakwood || Thymus || Trace Moss || Tubers || Turnips || Tussilago
 VegetableOil || Verbena || Vines, @Ista || Vines, @Nerat

<< Tansy Uses: medicinal, used for a tonic. Relieves heart palpitations.
Outside Info: Grows to 120cm, with clusters of flat, mustard yellow flower heads in summer. It is a powerful insect repellent. Aerial parts are a poultice for bruises, rheumatism, and varicose veins. It may cause poisoning if taken internally. Rub leaves on meat to flavor. Boil flower for a golden yellow dye, boil the leaf for a yellow green woolen dye. Use in stimulating and astringent baths for mature and sallow skin. Avoid if you have sensitive skin. Do not use during pregnancy.
<<Tarragon (I,H) Growth form: herb
Uses: medicinal and/or cooking herb
Outside Info: Grows to 1m, greenish flowers. Flavors savory foods. Leaf tea stimulates the appetite, is a digestive, and a good tonic. Chewing leaves numbs taste buds before taking bitter medicine. The root reduced tooth ache. 2 main varieties exist- French, with a more refined flavor but the plant needs protection in the winter, and Russian, which is hartier. Add leaf to mayo for fish dishes, salad dressings, light soups. Goes well with poultry.
<<Teak-like hardwood tree, teakwood Growth form: stumpy tree, with broad central trunk
Known location: Nerat
<<Thymus(H Thyme? Thyme was imported from Earth)
Known location: near Fort hold
Uses: medicinal herb, for coughs. Used on runners as well as humans.
Outside Info: There are many varieties, most grow to about 38cm. Lillac colored summer flowers. Thyme aids digestion of fatty foods. It is ideal for long, slow cooking of soups and stews. The essential oil is a stimulant and antiseptic- a nerve tonic used externally to treat depression, colds, muscular pain, and respiratory problems. The essential oil is added to acne lotions, soaps, toothpastes and mouthwashes. Thyme strengthens the immune system. It suits food cooked slowly in wine, especially poultry, fish, hot vegetables, fruit salads, and jams. It is also used to flavor beer. Make a strong decoction to serve as a household disinfectant. Infuse with rosemary as a hair rinse to deter dandruff. The tea is a digestive tonic for hangovers, and may also relieve insomnia, poor capillary circulation, muscular pain, and stimulate production of white blood cells to resist infection.
<< Trace Moss


Growth form: moss, grows on ground
Known location: on any runner trace in the Northern Continent.
Uses: to provide a firm but springy surface for runners
Misc.: A runner can tell if he or she strays from a trace by the feel of the trace moss. The legendary 'Lopers' originally planted the moss, and it has been maintained since. The moss dosen't do as well in the heat of Boll as it does in the North. The moss doesn't stain runner shoes.
<<TubersGeneral habitat: tubers of one form or another grow in many areas
Known location: Half-circle seahold, Ista, Southern, Southern Boll
Uses: edible
Misc.: Can be baked in mud in a cookout fire. (other foods including fish can also be baked in this manner.) White tubers (white roots?) found in Southern.
<<Turnips (I)Growth form: Terran turnip
Known locations: Fort hold, northern farms under Benden Weyr
Uses: edible
<<TussilagoUses: medicinal herb, used for coughs
Outside Info: Grows to 30cm. The plant is commonly known as colt's foot, tussilago is the Genus name. It is a perennial with creeping rhizomes, dull yellow flowers in early spring that turn into a dandelion-like seed head. Tender leaves are eaten n soups and salads. Used to treat coughs, skin ulcers, and sores. Flowers reduce phlegm, inflammation, and stimulate immune cells. Use with caution externally- it contains small amounts of potentially damaging alkaloids, which research suggests sure destroyed when the plant is boiled. All parts of plant contain mucilage, good for coughs and bronchitis. Decoct leaves for colds, flu, and asthma.
<<VegetableoilOutside Info: Many vegetable oils are used for cooking. Some are also used for massage oils, lotions, oils to rub down dragons with, and for soapmaking. By the beginning of the second Pass, soap as we know it probably still exists, as it was a 'luxury' one had to pay for at Bitra hold under Chalkin's holdership, but was generously supplied at other holds and Weyrs. Most of the 'current Pass' books (Dragonrider trilogy, Harper Hall Trilogy, etc) make reference to sandsoap or soapsand. The Dragonlovers guide mentiones that soap as we know it may indeed be a luxury during the current pass because burnt wood is needed to make lye. However, the Masterharper of Pern makes reference to a bar of soap on one of Robinton's journeys. Lye can be created chemically, and it's my personal belief if the smith hall can create 'agenothree', it can probably make lye. Sandsoap may be soap flakes, an exfoliant mixture of fine sand and soap flakes, or a ground dried plant root that contains a saponin, sort of a natural soap. Animal fats are widely used to make soaps, but vegetable oils can also be added, or used exclusively, to obtain different properties in the soap.
<<VerbenaKnown location: Benden Weyr Bowl
Outside Info: Lemon Verbena grows to 3m. Tiny, pale summer flowers. leaves used to flavour drinks, fruit, sweet dishes, and to make herb tea. The tea is refreshing and mildly sedative- it soothes bronchial and nasal congestion and eases indigestion nausea, flatulence, stomach cramps, and palpitations. leaves yield a green coloring. Leaf infusion sooths puffy eyes. Long term use of large amounts may irritate the stomach.
<< Vines, @Ista Growth form: broad-leaf, climbing
Known locations: Ista
Uses: When its leaves are bruised, it releases a sap that will neutralize insect stings.
<< Vines, @Nerat Growth form: Vine
Flowers:  many-petaled ivory flowers that bloom late winter/early spring.
Known location: Nerat
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