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Всадники Перна. Материалы

Биология -> All The Plants of Pern

Brief table of contents

 Garlic || Ging || Ginkgo || Glovecap || Goru pear || Grain || Grapes || Grass || Grasses || Green fruits || Greens || Gooseberry
 Hardwoods || Hazel, Witch || Hazel nut tree || Hemp || Herbs || Hissop, Hyssop || Hops
Ilex || Itch-leaf || Kiwi || Klahbark Tree

<< GarlicKnown locations: fort Weyr
Uses: edible, medicinal, used for high blood pressure, as a cold remedy, used by Moreta as a palliative
<<Ging Growth form: Tree. Thick and spongy fronds.
Known location: Ista
Uses: Fronds can be used as improvised forest bedding. The fronds make handy needlethorn packages, as the sap from the cut edges of leaves forms its own glue. Leaf sap will also seal puncture wounds. In Moreta, it was stated that softnuts (which are edible) were 'on all the trees', so it could be assumed that they are ging softnuts.
Misc.: Moreta described the ging forrest in the fall as ''a green face with a thousand black-rimmed eyes.'' Needlethorn is always found in the prescience of ging trees.
<<Ginkgo (I,H)Growth form: Tree
General habitat: open plains
Uses: Colonists used Ginkgo to break ground and provide shelter for oak and pine seedlings.
Outside Info: Notched, fan-sheped leaves that turn yellow in fall. The seeds and leaves are used in Chinese medicine for lung problems. Extract from yellow leaves contains vitamins that strengthens blood vessels and reduces production of tissue-damaging 'free radicals' and tarpons (which reduce clump-forming blood platelets). It is said to improve brain efficiency and cellular energy. When ripe, the seeds give off a foul-smelling odor.
<<GlovecapUses: medicinal herb, anodyne
<<Goru pearUses: it is a tart fruit. Reference to the Perneese Goru pear (it's mentioned in the Freedom series as well) can be found in Moreta, chapter 5 (p.68 of paperback version)
<< GrainKnown location: near Benden Weyr, Telgar, Half-Circle seahold, Paradise River hold
: edible
: most of grain consumed in north grown by Telgar. Telgar also has best beer in Pern
<< Grapes (I) Growth form: Earth grapes
Known locations
: Benden, Fort(H), Tillek, Nabol, Lemos, nerat
: fruit, wine.
Outside Info
: Processed grape residue is used to make cream of tartar. The leaves provide a food wrap, pressed seeds produce a fine culinary oil, also valued for aromatherapy massage.
<<GrassLocation: River Islands in Southern.
Uses: Tufts contain therapeutic seeds, branches can be bundled and used as a temporary raft (eventually they'll absorb too much water), the heart (just above the root ball) can be dried and ground into a powder that is good for fever, esp. Firehead. The shoots are edible.
<<GrassesKnown locations: various forms exist over many parts of Pern
Uses: bedding
<<Green fruits(Lime? Dragonlovers lists a green citrus fruit. Green apple? Pear?)
Known location: Southern, Cove hold, Ista(Citrus)
<<GreensKnown location: near Half-Circle seahold, Nabol
Uses: used like salad, served with dressing.
<<Gooseberry (I) Growth form: Earth gooseberry bush
Uses: fruit
<< HardwoodsGrowth form: tree
Known location: Lemos, Igen
Uses: rarely, used to make small quantities of lye soap
Misc.: all hardwoods are imported
<<Hazel, Witch (I,H) Uses: medicinal herb, for skin
Outside Info: In this case, most likely witch-hazel. It is a large shrub with smooth brown bark, fragrant winter flowers, and woodsy fruit capsules. A distillation from the leaves and flower-bearing twigs is used in skin products for it's disinfectant and astringent properties. It is used on chapped and sunburned skin, bruises, swelling, rashes, to stop bleeding, and to reduce varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Seeds are edible and can be brewed for a warming tea.
<<Hazel nut tree Known location: Benden hold
Outside Info: A large shrub that grows to 10m. Has male catkins in spring and clusters of nuts in fall. Nuts are eaten raw and used in candy, cakes and liqueurs. The edible nut oil is used in cooking, perfumes, and lubricants.
<< HempKnown locations: Nabol, Southern(?)
Uses: rope
Outside Info: Hemp seed oil is used in soaps and lotions.
<<HerbsUses: varieties of herbs are stored with clothes and bedsheets, possibly to keep bugs away and to keep the cloth fresh-smelling. Aromatic herbs (possibly peppermint among others) stepped in hot water to make breathing easier.
<<Hissop, Hyssop (H) Known location: near Fort hold
Uses: medicinal herb, used for coughs. It is said that a winecupfull a day keeps off repertory problems, such as croup.
Outside Info: Semi evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves and spikes of blue, two-tipped late summer flowers. Leaf is added to liquors, adds bite to sweet and savory dishes, and aids in digestion of fatty meals. leaves contain antiseptic, antiviral oil. A mold that produces penicillin grows on the leaves. An infusion is taken as a sedative expectorant for the flu, bronchitis, and phlegm. Leaf poultice treats bruises and wounds. The essential oil is used in perfumes and treats cold sores, helps disperse bruises, and helps heal scars. The essential oil should be used with caution, as it is fairly hazardous. Hyssop should be avoided by pregnant women and people with hypertension or epilepsy. Hyssop is added to potpourris and laundry rinses.
<<Hops (I,H)Growth form: Earth hops
Uses: medicinal herb, anodyne
Outside Info: One of the primary ingredients of beer. Young shoots are eaten as a vegetable, leaves are blanched for soups. Hop tea is a nerve tonic, mild sedative, muscle relaxant. The essential oil is used in perfumes and lotions. Hops can cause skin allergies. Dried flower bracts can be used in herbal 'pillows' to aid/help induce sleep.
<<IlexUses: For pneumonia.
Outside Info: Ilex is part of the scientific name of the Holly family. The tea from different species have different medicinal uses, so it is probably the leaf tea that is used to treat pneumonia on Pern.
<< Itch-leafKnown locations : Fort hold
Misc.: obnoxious weed
<< Kiwi (I) Known location: Boll, Igen
Uses: fruit
Misc.: genetically altered form of Kiwi.
<<Klahbark Tree (N) Growth form: tree
Known locations: near Half-Circle seahold, Benden hold
Uses: Bark is brewed to produce a coffee-like substance, tastes like a cross between coffee and chocolate, with a spicy aftertaste. The bark is also used as a spice.
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