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updated October 2000

Всадники Перна. Материалы

Биология -> All The Plants of Pern

Brief table of contents

Raspberry || Redfruit || Redroots || Red willow salic || Redwort || Reeds || Rind fruit || Rivergrains || Rock weeds || Rowan || Rosemary || Rushes

<<Raspberry (I) Growth form: Earth raspberry bush
Uses: fruit
Outside Info: Shrub grows to 1.5m. It has small pink or white flowers, and the fruit yields a red dye. Is used to reduce anemia. Used in China for kidney problems and bedwetting. Dried leaves contain tannin. Leaf tea is used in late pregnancy to tone uterine and pelvic muscles. Tea reduces menstrual pain.
<< Redfruit (apple,I)Growth form: Earth apple tree
Known locations: Southern, Nerat, High Reaches hold, Nabol, Igen
Uses: edible, made into cider and brandy. Trees are also used for their wood.
Misc.: a native red fruit was listed in Dragonsdawn.
<<Redroots Known locations: northern farms (under protection of Benden), Ista, wild on the rocky forrested slopes of Igen/Lemos.
Uses: edible
<< Red willow salicUses: analgesic herb
<< RedwortGrowth form: grows in clumps close to the ground. Has a thick stem, with reddish veins and produces flat-topped purple or rose flowers.
Uses: as a scrubbing/cleansing agent (disinfectant?) and also for infection.
Misc.: leaves a red stain on hands, has nasty stench (Nirelka), clean-smelling herb (Dragonlovers) used as an antiseptic wash and protects skin from being affected by numbweed.
<< ReedsGrowth form: reed
Known location: Southern, Cove hold. Near Half-Circle seahold
Uses: can be used as straws for drinking, succulent reeds are edible. Can be used as fishing poles and splints for threadscored dragon wings. Reeds are also made into baskets. Used to make writing material. It's a 'local product' obtained by Petrion somwhere between Harper Hall and Pierie hold. The writing material has a tendency to absorb ink, so it is a bit 'blotchy'.
Misc.: Both freshwater and sea water exist
<<Rind fruit Known location: Igen
Uses: fruit
<< Rivergrains
(rice, I)
Growth form: rice
Known locations: Fort hold, Igen plains swampland, Southern, wild rice in Paradise river.
Uses: steam cooked to eat.
Misc.: called 'rice' in Southern.
Outside Info
: Grows to 180cm. Rice is easily digested. Rice porridge counters heavy feasting and is a cooling dish with medicinal uses. Can be fermented into Sake (rice wine). Roots treat fever sweating, sprouts relieve indigestion, strengthen stomach and spleen. The straw is made into hats. Ripe stems yield rich oil.
<< Rock weedsKnown location: Ruatha (Pleateau hold)
<< Rowan (I,H)Growth form: Tree
General habitat
: 'higher reaches' (Dragonlovers guide)-hills/higher ground over the flat plains(?)
Outside Info
: Otherwise known as European Mountain Ash. It has clusters of cream colored spring flowers, and dense clusters of red berries. Berries are rich in vitamin C, and can be made into jelly, ground into flower, and fermented into wine. Seeds contain hydrocyanic acid and should be removed before berries are used. Berries can be made into a sore throat gargle. Bark and leaves are used in a gargle for thrush.
<< Rosemary (I,H)Growth form: herb
: medicinal and/or cooking herb
Outside Info
: Dense, evergreen aromatic shrub with blue spring flowers. Grows to 2m. There are many varieties of rosemary. It goes well with pastas, shellfish, pork and lamb. It's antiseptic, antioxidant leaves help preserve food. They aid in the digestion of fat. leaves used in conditioning rinses for dark hair and for dandruff shampoos. stimulates circulation and eases aching joints by increasing blood supply. The essential oil is invigorating, antibacterial, and antifungal. stimulates central nervous system and blood circulation, and releavs muscle pain. Dried stems can be burned on a fire for their aroma. Boil a handful of rosemary in 2 cups of water for 10 minutes for an antiseptic solution for washig bathroom fixtures. Put leaves into bath to stimulate blood circulation. Rosemary is good as a mouthwash.
<< Rushes


Known locations: Fort hold, Ruatha, but probably in most areas of Pern (?)
Uses: Bedding.
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